Monday, June 8

Birthday dress for I

For I:s second birthday I made a cowgirl dress.
Fabrics are bought on various internet shops, model is
a classic Swedish A-shaped cotton dress, tied back.
The pocket on the front seemed a bit empty, so I made
a shooting gun from felt that fitted very nicely in there.

We taught her to point it at people and say "bang bang."
Her parents quickly took it away though. Boring.

Anyhow, she was the queen of the night (or afternoon),
charmed all the little boys unconscious (see left)
so I guess it was a successful garment.

1 comment:

  1. Originell blogg!! Kul att du hittade till min sida! Kanten på uggletröjan var maskinstickad brodyr med kantband på baksidan för att ge stadga.



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