Saturday, August 22

Speaking of doll's clothes...

...and since I don't have anything self made to show still:

If I could have one thing in the world, I would like this wardrobe made by Martin Margiela. He used the wardrobe of a 60's Ken - Barbies ex boyfriend as you know (yes, they broke up) - and scaled it to human size. Including rough fabric texture, big fat seams, clever solutions like sewn-on ties, and wonderful, wonderful coaster sized snap buttons!

Wednesday, August 19

More from the cradle of a fashion maker

More fashion for 30 cm tall people:

I can't believe I've made this jacket? I probably got if from someone. The skirt is very home made. Denise looks stunning in a springlike city symphony of pink and red, of course with matching lipstick.
Update: Ooh, and she's holding a wallet full of bills. Go spend it, girl!

A wonderful chiffon tube dress with a matching chiffon hat is flattering for anyone and suitable for a day at the horse races.

For the summer weddings: A pea green velour dress, with a crochet oversize vest thrown on top for those cold summer nights. A marvellous beaded headpiece makes you queen of the party.

Gloria doesn't have a body anymore, but as long as you have your good spirits there is no reason not to be fashionable. A wonderful princess crown, made of lace and pearls, makes even a single head stunning. To avoid the too-cuteness, a bold hairstyle with strikes of color in it will make you princess of punk rock.

Poor Anne has had a hard time (No hair, hands or feet anymore) and is spending her days in a very good hospital for dolls with mental instabilities. A comfortable, soft sweatshirt combination in ice cream pastels is perfect for enjoying a quiet moment in the sun.

Tuesday, August 18

The cradle of a fashionista

In a box at my dad's place, I found some of my first trembling attempts to create fashion. What else could I have done but dress up dear old Denise again, just like in 1988?!

We start off with a romantic denim skirt which goes really well with a bold, two color sweatshirt top. As cherry on top, a flashdance bandana.

Here we see a variation of the denim skirt. Matched with a leopard top and a summery sonnenschierm, Denise is ready for a trip to the city as well as for a summer picnic on the fields.

If the weather is unsteady, why not dress for the cold but leave a brave open chest as a surprise? Tailored jacket and ear muffs with hearts.

Finally - an Indian flirt for an Indian summer. Beads and embroideries makes this felt top something very, very special. Matched with a knee long starry skirt in the same material, Denise looks like the European dream of the American girl.

Friday, August 14

For your full scale doll house

Hi, I'm cheating. I was supposed to just show my own productions here, but I'm not producing anything really since I'm on holiday and I just ran into these wallpapers by a (- what else -) Dutch designer called Pip. So lovely!
The top, baby blue one has a cross stitch pattern made from kind of foam. I couldn't stop touching it in the store...

Sunday, August 2

Lazy days

Hi, sorry, I won't blog very much these days because I'm not producing very anything and have nothing to show really. I'm just reading (about vampires and bonjour tristesse ) and drinking fruit drinks with different types of berries in them and walking around in Stockholm gazing at all the wonderful little houses.

And besides, there are little people sunbathing in my sketchbook. They'll hate me forever if I tell them to leave.

Please be patient.


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