Thursday, October 29

Flowery wallet

Finally I found a usage for this wonderful, very small piece of fabric from my mothers collection of "odd and tiny pieces from the 70's."
Very simple construction - you can kind of see exactly how it's made. (If not, ask me.) I covered the backside of the fabric with transparent duct tape (Silvertejp) before I sewed to make the wallet more durable. Let's see how well it works out. I'll start using it tomorrow.

Kusudama flower

Tuesday evening fun

Tuesday, October 27

Bib prototype

Last weekend I produced a set of bibs. (Dreggellappar, as we also known them.)
This is the first prototype made from an old t-shirt and some left over pieces of jersey. Fleece on the backside - apparently good since it keeps the chest of the kid of getting wet.
Hawk doesn't care so much about the function, he is much to well behaved to spill on himself. He just likes the look of it.

Monday, October 26

Tissue covers

Perfect usage of all the small left over pieces. And perfect to send by mail to friends with a flu.

Näsduksfodral alltså.

Saturday, October 24

Tidying up

I bought a 50's cupboard on eBay. Finally my fabrics have a place where they can live.

Tea experiment nr 3 - Disaster!

I had a cotton fabric in a very sharp yellow tone that I wanted to make a bit duller. I also wanted to dye a piece of this white fabric more beige.
I put them together into a bowl of strong tea. Stirred, waited, stirred, lifted up, rinsed.
The result was horrible. The white fabric you see here: Brown spots.

What about the yellow fabric? It became yellow-brownish with the same brown spots. Kind of like a mix of pee and poo. I threw it away.

Conclusion: You never know with tea. But it might be worth trying. But not on your favourite piece of fabric.

Hot guys at the Louvre

I can't help being very found of the Hugh Grant-type of man. And look- he existed for some time!

This guy has been silently watching you from the other side of the café. He slips a note on your table on his way out- it has a poem on it, but no phone number. You didn't notice him before, but now You have to go to the café again and again, to see if he is there. He's not. Who is he? What's the thing with that statue he carries? Perhaps he's just a weirdo, but suddenly you can't help daydreaming about him.

He's just a guy in your class, he's nice and serious and quite smart. Not your type. A bit of a geek (seriously- the haircut!), but he could become a good friend. You and he need to finish this team work this week, but suddenly you realize that every time your eyes meet you get all warm and fuzzy inside and you forget what you just were about to say.

He's taking such good care of his daughter every time you see them in the park, she is always well dressed and seem to be such a sweet girl and you can't help but being impressed by a father who can make braids. Is the mother dead? Did she abandon them? Is there place for a new woman in his life? He never meets your eyes, though you always try to make him see you.

You're at a party, you and that guy are sitting in a corner. You want to talk, hoping to snoggle, you want more, but he's a Guy With A Guitar. He plays song after song - at first imitating his heroes, but then he plays you a song that he's written himself, it's terrible and banal and he has his eyes closed and you realize that he is not even trying to impress you, he is just in love with the image of himself as a guy with a guitar and a girl with sparkling eyes listening to him. You excuse yourself when the song is finished, he's looking up, surprised and annoyed, you run to the kitchen for another glass of wine and someone who can rescue you.

Sunday, October 18

I'm not dead

I'm sewing and sewing and sewing both this weekend and last weekend. And I've got a new cupboard that I'd like to show. Unfortunately my boyfriend seem to have brought the cable to my camera with him on his weekend trip. Once he's back, I'll upload some more pictures. Promise.

Wednesday, October 14

Tea nr.2

Encouraged from the success of coloring with tea, I made another body with tea colored bias. This time the end result was more let call it batique: spotty. Especially the edges turned a bit too dark. It's kind of OK:ish and hopefully it goes away a bit after washing it.

But it got worse....

Tuesday, October 13

When underwear escape

My bras escaped from the washing bag yesterday. When I took out the laundry it was all tangled up into one single piece. Quèl bordel!

Coloring with Tea

I made a little body from the lovely giraffe fabric and I wanted it to have a matching edge. But I only had bright white jersey bias tape. What to do?

Make a cup of strong tea. This is Assam from Harrods, didn't like it very much. Put tape in tea. Wait. Rinse. Dry.

Sew. Ta daa!
I really like the color! And I'm quite excited to see how well it lasts when I wash the body. I'm not very worried, I can't imagine it will ever go back to ultra white again.

Presents for girls

A friend of mine just had a little girl and I really wanted to send a welcome present. So in front of Lost one evening I began crocheting a ball, which turned into a handle, and so on and soon I'd made a rabbit rattle. Which turned out so nicely that I immediately made another one, carefully writing down how I did it. So that I could post it as a tutorial, I thought. Then I lost my post-it with the notes. So whenever I find it, or when I make a third rabbit rattle, I will post it. If you are interested?

Also made baby a romper and a hat. This pattern is from Ottobre magazine, and I heard rumors that they are kind of big in size. Let's see whats fits and what doesn't.

And finally *ahem* it seems like I will need a romper like that myself - well, not for me*, but for someone who will show up in april or so - so I made another one while I was at it.

*I would LOVE to have one for myself

When I was a little girl

I made a myself needle house. Or was it for my mum?

One door for small needles, one door for big needles. All you needed then.


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