Wednesday, December 23

I make boxes yes I do

from an old issue of Newsweek magazine

and one with my brother on it

How to: for example here. Beware: It's addictive.

Monday, December 14

Keeping myself entertained

Admiring my new, teeny tiny, borderline functional Lavazza coffee maker!

And my teeny tiny, borderline functional scissors

A little peeking girl next to me loudly identified my scribbling:
"Schau mal, Opa, Sie machen Katzentanz!"

S's new home

Little S moved home to big S this weekend. She was a bit scared at first. (And Teddy Long Arms was heartbroken of course.)
But big S loved her. She also seemed get well along with Totoro, who showed her his favorite chair and made sure she had enough Glühwein and cookies all evening. He seems to be such a nice guy. We felt ensured that she'd be happy there.

Hope to see you soon, little S!

Friday, December 11

Girl on her way

It seems like we are getting a little girl in April. So finally I have a good official reason for making little dresses and other cutesy girly flowery things! Wohohoo!
I love the whole unisex thing with strong colors and prints with, uhm, carrots and other gender neutral things.
But I'm also a big sucker for french kid's clothes - you know, all those a-shaped little cotton dresses with tiny knitted cardigans on top -ooh- and some proper leather shoes for running around. Aah. Love love love it. I'm diving into patterns as I'm still writing.

This is a baby hat that I made from an old sheet a while ago as a test.

I'm so found of it! I think it turned out just lovely - I so much like the combination of brown and pink. It's kind of cute but not too much. A bit retro as well. It's been warming my shelf, waiting for an owner - I'm so glad that I have a good reason now to keep it after all! And it will be fun to have someone who will wear it!

Thursday, December 10

Bad day Bracelet

I'm having bad day after bad day. Pre Christmas stress at the office and at home as well. A Japanese crochet bracelet kind of helps. (And soon it's holiday!)

This bracelet is very similar to the green one, but a bit more delicate. And with a lovely golden retro button from an old lady's button box, bought on eBay.

Wednesday, December 9

Fat yarn scarf

I love this fat yarn - it's some kind of alpaca / merino wool and it takes about five evenings to knit a scarf with knits number 12. And it looks fantastic - the structure comes out so nicely. The only thing I'm not mad about is the color: I'm not a big fan of navy. (Found it cheaply on eBay.) Perhaps I can dye it?

Tuesday, December 8

Amigurami S - nearly done

Our friend S's birthday is coming up. And S is one of the people who I know would just LOVE to have herself as a miniature!

So here she is! The hair is not really in place because I couldn't find the right yarn yet. But soon it will be. I'll do a shopping round this week.
S is a shoe designer so I tried to give her some cute sneakers. Perhaps I should make some embroideries on them?

Monday, December 7

Raw dessert

For some reasons my work has lead me into Raw food lately. It's quite interesting. It means basically that the food is still "alive" - uncooked - and important enzymes are by that preserved, and if you eat like that you eventually feel better. Argument: "Humans are the only animals that cook their food." - Well, that seems to make some sense. Or who knows. Anyway, I made an attempt to make a raw dessert tonight.

1. Mix a handful of nuts and raisins with a bit of water into a paste. Arrange as a cake on a plate. I added cacao to see if it would turn chocolate, which it kind of not really did, but it was still good.

2. Soak a handful of figs for a few hours in water.

3. Mix figs with a bit of lemon juice to a creamy paste. If you have no patience, like me, you don't have time to soak figs so as an emergency solution you can add a piece of banana to get a creamy consistency.

4. Put the fig icing on cake. Top with something fresh and fruity - raspberries were just perfect - and perhaps something cute like almond flakes.

My boyfriend thought it tasted "healthy". I thought it was really good. I made another portion for myself.

Sunday, December 6

Truffle sunday

Today me and Bebé Dragon are making truffles as a housewarming present for a couple we're visiting this afternoon. A bit of licorice powder enhances the chocolate in a very nice way. And there will be plenty left for me.
Since I just learnt how to make origami boxes, we made a box as well. So much fun! Little effort, great result.

As you can see, Bebé is thrilled about the absolutely adorable whisks we won in the lottery at the talented Pia's blog a while ago. Thank you a million Pia, they are just great! (I might turn them into jewelry once Bebé isn't looking.)

Secret Service

This guy has been standing quietly in a corner for days, now.


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