Wednesday, September 30

A notebook

I took a cover from an old book of prayers for children. Very beautiful.

Then made a mix of nice papers , cheap papers, papers with holes, blue papers...

Some nice pictures, some kind of akward. I scanned petals, photos, hair, a dishcloth, sketches, toys, candy wraps. Surprises everywhere.

Then i bound it all with silk string and glued it into the cover.

Done! Ready for notes.

The Market

This is the last station on my way to work and the first on my way home.

Right now, it's wonderful. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, oil, bread...

This morning I had a freshly squeezed orange and carrotjuice to go. The only question that rises is: Why don't I every morning?

I'll have another one tomorrow

Monday, September 14

My weekend

My sewing machine is back from the repairman! And I'm back home after summer with so much inspiration I can't explain it. Hence I've spent all Saturday and most of Sunday indoors, sewing and crocheting and knitting. And making nettle soup and macarons. Macarons turned out a disaster, the rest more or less good. I'll charge my camera and show you. Please be patient. (Preview: I made a couple of rompers, three hats, a bunny, a hippo, an owl and probably some other things as well.)

Aargh, I have so much I want to make still!

Thursday, September 10

Toxic Jeans - remake instead

Big headlines in Sweden about allergens in jeans. As if we didn't know it, right? We just keep on forgetting it... at least I always need to be reminded of how bad the textile industry is.

It is just yet another good reason for re-making your old, washed out cozy pants into new, small pants. It's fun, they become one of a kind, all chemicals are washed out and you feel SO clever! And it's not even difficult - all the cool seams and pockets are already there for you to reuse.

(These are not done yet. Mainly because my male friends were very skeptical. I think they're kind of cool though.)

Wednesday, September 9

Amigurumi portraits

More Amigurumis from the past:
Last Christmas I crocheted mini versions of my boyfriends very adorable nieces.

Once you get a hang of this type of crocheting, you can improvise as much as you like. Love that!

Amigurumi time

I am back from vacation. Back to working full days and sitting close to my boyfriend in the sofa watching Lost in the evenings. We never saw Lost when all the other people saw it, and it's terribly exciting.
And like every time I sit still in a sofa, I feel a big need for *doing something useful* while I'm sitting there. So yesterday I realized that I would like to do another bunch of amiguramis.
I'll start tonight. Mushrooms, rabbits and key rings to start with. Let's see.

Here are two guys I made last time I was amiguraming. A fluffy bird and a sheep.

Wednesday, September 2

Tiger wrap shirt

This is a detail of a baby wrap shirt that I made a while ago. After finishing it, I found it a bit boring and decided to spice it up with a free hand embroidery.
My boyfriend is usually let's say, mildly to moderately interested in my sewing, but this shirt somehow melted his heart and he loudly claimed it was the cutest shirt he'd ever seen!
To bad he's too big for it. Or - no, that's a good thing.


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