Saturday, June 27

Baby Beads

Beads beads beads beads beads beads beads beads beads (Monthy Pythons "spam" melody)

No idea what to do with them yet. It's just so simple to make them that I can't resist to.
For now they rest in the origami cradle - no idea what to do with that one either.

Friday, June 26

Don't stop til you get enough

Spontaneous purchase on e-bay five days ago. I was actually looking around for a Barbie rocker. But I thought this little original 80:s Michael looked so sweet and thought he could be good to have somehow. Eins, zwei, drei, meins.

So I won the auction, and little Michael is on his way to my mailbox right now.
And today big Michael went somewhere else as well. How weird is that?

Thursday, June 25

Ferrari Cross-stitch

This is a Christmas present I made for my boyfriend about a million years ago. He said he wanted a Ferrari in cross-stitch, and I was very much in love and thought it couldn't be very hard to do.

It wasn't that hard, but it took a really long time. It took a 16 hour train ride across Sweden (vertically), plus two days of my Christmas holiday to make it.

Plus some preparation. Basically I first of all found a nice Ferrari on the internet, made it very pixelated and reduced the colours in Photoshop, printed and then stitched it on the t-shirt. (With a mesh in between for counting stitches. Then you pull the mesh out thread by thread.)

He got just as happy as I hope for, except some complaining about the car not being centered properly onto the shirt. Which I just ignored.

It's still looking good, I really like it and I would certainly do it again.
(Do you know which Ferrari model it is? I didn't have a clue so I took one I liked, but luckily I choose the coolest one so he was really happy with that as well.)

vrooooom vroooooommm

Monday, June 22

Reused Jeans

My boyfriend had two pair of black jeans that both broke. (They were practically worn out already when he bought them, because it was "fashionable")

So I made a new pair for him by combining the not-so-broken parts from both jeans.
And then I had kind of one broken pair left, which was enough for no less than THREE pairs of baby jeans, again inspired from a description in "baby cool" but kind of improvised in the end.

Here is one of them, shown by Daddy Dog:

I love making these, because:
1) You reuse material and feel really smart
2) It takes like an hour to make them and you can improvise as much as you like
3) They look amazing

Sunday, June 21

Rag jewellry

Breakfast fun

Sometimes my boyfriend is a bit annoying, more often he's great. And he can turn my breakfast egg into a guinea pig. That's for me way more important than "cleans the sink" or "has nice, squeezable butt." (He scores well on those things as well.)

Saturday, June 20

Fat is beutiful

Googling around instead of sleeping and found this:
It's like a German Etsy! A bit more German, but seems to be a great source of material.

and there I found this: FAT yarn, midnight blue.

So beautiful! So fat!

500 grams for little money - it should be enough to knit something useful!
Scarf? Hat? Sweater perhaps? Kids jacket? Huge gloves? Big blue finger snake?
And it's for knits (sticks? what do you call them?) number TEN to TWELWE!
Meaning it's going to take like an evening to knit a sweater!
Ooh, It's going to be so much fun!

Well, Yes, so happy midsummer. I'm planning my winter garments here.

Thursday, June 18

Dayrolle, Paris

Lioness 1: Is it warm? Are you warm? Cause I think it's quite warm in here.
Lioness 2: I dunno. I'm not so warm, or, I don't mind warm. Why, are you feeling warm?
Lioness 1: Yeah, I feel kinda warm. I'm kinda sweating a bit. Perhaps they'll turn the fan on soon.
Lioness 2: Yeah, perhaps. They usually do if it's warm.
Lioness 1: Yeah. I hope so.

Lioness 2: Hey, look at her!
Lioness 1: Hah!
Lioness 2: Hey, SHE looks warm!
Lioness 1: Hey, She looks HOT!
Lioness 2: Yeah, She looks HOT!
Lioness 1: He he
Lioness 2: He he

Tuesday, June 16

Leftover cotton blouse

From the leftovers of the Shirt dress, I made a little cotton blouse. It's quite tiny actually, fits a...4 month baby perhaps? Let's see who will fit into it.

The edges are lined with a flowery cotton fabric that I bought from a German lady on e-bay. Same with the button. (Can you believe that - someone selling their collection of mixed buttons for like one euro? Paradise.)

Hawk sporting hat

This summer we LOOVE feathers and strong, graphical patterns on everything, either worn seperately or, as seen here, in a bold combination.

We also like playing with opposites and contradictions:
"Now I see like a Hawk - Now I don't - Now I do again" feels new and interesting this season. Something for the mysterious fashionista with a sense for what's dramatic.

Monday, June 15

Kiss me honey

Last year I asked people around my office for spare white t-shirts (to cut into string and turn into a carpet.) Instead I got this one.

It belonged to a colleague who didn't wear it anymore. But he had a very hard time separating from it. "It's my favorite t-shirt", he declared. I secretly think his wife didn't like it. But I think he wanted to wear it.

Of course I couldn't turn someones favourite t-shirt into a ball of string. So I made it into a dress for his three-year old daughter instead and gave it back to him.

He was quite thrilled, but I'm not sure about the daughter (I think she's more of a pink and kitties type of girl), or his wife. Perhaps I just contributed to her never-ending nightmare of the ugly t-shirt that simply wouldn't die.

Once we were socks

Then our partners disappeared without a trace
Then someone was about to throw us away
Then someone else rescued us from the bin
Then we got legs and ears and eyes and all
Then we moved to new homes
Can't complain, really

Paper jewellery

While I was dressing some boxes with Japanese paper
I collected all the little scrap paper pieces, since
they were still beautiful and I wanted to use them.

So I turned the into paper beads from an old recipe from a Pellefant magazine that I read about a bazillion years ago and seem to have memorized.

I can highly recommend making paper beads. It's cheap, you can use any paper (Imagine just brown envelop paper, colorful pictures, paper with poems...) plus it's prefect to do when you watch TV but want to feel productive. Rolling little pieces of paper is kind of braindead but meditative. And you get tons of beads to put on whatever.

Sunday, June 14

New kid on the block

Yes, perhaps I look like a leaf.

You have a problem with that, ey?

Do you?

You took a good look at yourself recently, ey?

Monday, June 8

Birthday dress for I

For I:s second birthday I made a cowgirl dress.
Fabrics are bought on various internet shops, model is
a classic Swedish A-shaped cotton dress, tied back.
The pocket on the front seemed a bit empty, so I made
a shooting gun from felt that fitted very nicely in there.

We taught her to point it at people and say "bang bang."
Her parents quickly took it away though. Boring.

Anyhow, she was the queen of the night (or afternoon),
charmed all the little boys unconscious (see left)
so I guess it was a successful garment.

Sunday, June 7

Bear shoes for N

This is perhaps my favorite fabric of them all. Japanese bears! You can only see one of them properly, but please take a good look on that little face. (If you click on the picture it becomes enormous.)

I still have another meter of so of it. I see amazing dresses before my inner eye. Or jackets.

Shoes for N made from cotton fabric and fleece. The model I found on the internet somewhere and modified a bit. I'm not sure if they stay on too well, but I think that's a general problem with babies and shoes.

I'm a vegetarian for sentimental reasons

still cooking can be heartbreaking from time to time

Saturday, June 6

Saturday dinner with panthers

Black panthers are very, very suspicious of aubergine gratin

And very protective about their Chianti!

To be really honest, they're quite a pain to have around at the dinner table.
They are nice and all when you meet them one and one,
but as a group they just... oh, I don't know. They're kind of obnoxious.

Friday, June 5

Happy Friday

in the sofa, sporting different hats while waiting for me to finish up his ears. (Might take a while though. For the moment I'm still making the legs.)

Brown hat - reused jersey from Susannas' old summer dress.

Black & White hat - kind of improvised model made from cotton yarn.
Bought the yarn for making the cat actually, but I changed my mind and used merino wool for him instead. So this was left over.

Debating with myself whether I should buy eyes for him or make them myself from something. Plastic clay?

Thursday, June 4

Shirt > Dress

Found this shirt in the closet - nice cotton fabric, but hopeless shape. Enormous on top of it. Very grunge. I remade it into a dress.

The button opening is now the back opening. I made wing-type straps plus added a round pocket for ice-cream money.

I gave it to Nora and I think she wore it from time to time, even though the straps tended to slide off her shoulders. In retrospective they should have been put closer to the neck. She stuffed the pocket full of random things, anyway. Pockets are always good.

Tuesday, June 2

Caught in action

I don't know what he was up to
and he disappeared before I could find out.

Crochet Bracelet

Spring green cotton

Outfit for Jack

Stripes for Jack as a welcome present.
Fitted perfectly when he was small and fresh.
Sported by Sad Rabbit. Never fitted him really.

Leaving work

"I had it", thought Hare. "Seriously, no point in going back there anymore."
His knuckles were whitening from the firm grip around the handle of the leather briefcase. He walked very fast, very angry, without turning around.

"Can't believe I went there everyday for so long", he whispered between his long teeth. "Stupid."

He walked past the half empty parking lot, out through the gates. The sun was setting and the asphalt felt warm under his feet. The blackbirds were nesting, singing warnings and promises to each other. The air smelled strong of grass.

"But not anymore," he thought, crossing the lawn. "I have better things on my agenda."
He briefly looked at both sides before he crossed the bike path, jumped over the ditch that went along the track, to finally plow his way through the knee high grass into the forest.

Sweat spring in

My Grandmother always told me to "sweat spring in". No undressing until you fainted from the heat.

Jeans jacket made of jeans, inspired by Baby Cool.


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