Tuesday, June 2

Leaving work

"I had it", thought Hare. "Seriously, no point in going back there anymore."
His knuckles were whitening from the firm grip around the handle of the leather briefcase. He walked very fast, very angry, without turning around.

"Can't believe I went there everyday for so long", he whispered between his long teeth. "Stupid."

He walked past the half empty parking lot, out through the gates. The sun was setting and the asphalt felt warm under his feet. The blackbirds were nesting, singing warnings and promises to each other. The air smelled strong of grass.

"But not anymore," he thought, crossing the lawn. "I have better things on my agenda."
He briefly looked at both sides before he crossed the bike path, jumped over the ditch that went along the track, to finally plow his way through the knee high grass into the forest.

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