Monday, June 15

Paper jewellery

While I was dressing some boxes with Japanese paper
I collected all the little scrap paper pieces, since
they were still beautiful and I wanted to use them.

So I turned the into paper beads from an old recipe from a Pellefant magazine that I read about a bazillion years ago and seem to have memorized.

I can highly recommend making paper beads. It's cheap, you can use any paper (Imagine just brown envelop paper, colorful pictures, paper with poems...) plus it's prefect to do when you watch TV but want to feel productive. Rolling little pieces of paper is kind of braindead but meditative. And you get tons of beads to put on whatever.


  1. How creative! And cute! Might be worth a try and sell on Etsy...?

  2. Btw, word verification - "piatur", now how lucky was that?!

  3. Pia: thanks, and I just found the German etsy! (live here.) So I'm thinking about it...

  4. Hello, just a note for paper bead fans. Check out mzuribeads for unique selection of handmade beads rolled from recycled magazines and posters. Our beads are traded fairly, and made by community art groups living in Kampala, Uganda.



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