Monday, June 22

Reused Jeans

My boyfriend had two pair of black jeans that both broke. (They were practically worn out already when he bought them, because it was "fashionable")

So I made a new pair for him by combining the not-so-broken parts from both jeans.
And then I had kind of one broken pair left, which was enough for no less than THREE pairs of baby jeans, again inspired from a description in "baby cool" but kind of improvised in the end.

Here is one of them, shown by Daddy Dog:

I love making these, because:
1) You reuse material and feel really smart
2) It takes like an hour to make them and you can improvise as much as you like
3) They look amazing


  1. Störtsköna! Adorable, both jeans and Daddy dog! So ok reason #2 - no way I'd be able to make them in an hour, just sayin' - and so does the word verification "duembomon".

  2. Ok, maybe two hours. But the rougher, the better.

  3. Men du vilka tuffa byxor, såg jackan oxå! Så fort jag hinner bär det av till bibblan (hoppas de har boken) För sådana kläder vill jag oxå göra. :-) Tack för tippset, FL



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