Saturday, October 24

Tea experiment nr 3 - Disaster!

I had a cotton fabric in a very sharp yellow tone that I wanted to make a bit duller. I also wanted to dye a piece of this white fabric more beige.
I put them together into a bowl of strong tea. Stirred, waited, stirred, lifted up, rinsed.
The result was horrible. The white fabric you see here: Brown spots.

What about the yellow fabric? It became yellow-brownish with the same brown spots. Kind of like a mix of pee and poo. I threw it away.

Conclusion: You never know with tea. But it might be worth trying. But not on your favourite piece of fabric.


  1. Oh! I am so sorry! Perhaps it is like coloring other things as well. You need to stir properly, otherwise some will be yellow, and patches down to the bottom will be brown, and patches sticking out of the water will be white...

  2. I guess so. I tried to stir all the time. Perhaps it was the wrong kind of tea?

  3. Nej, så trist att det misslyckades! Lite märkligt faktiskt att det bildade såna fläckar...

    Kusinerna är: mina tonåringar (Sofia 17 och Martin 16) och syrrans i NZ som är 10 och 7. De älskar verkligen varandra alla tre :)

    Ha en skön kväll!

  4. eh... varför skrev jag tre? Måste vara all choklad idag som gjort mej vimsig. Självklart är det alla fyra :)

  5. What a shame! I've never tried tea dying.

  6. MiA: Ja, det var hemskt konstige tyckte jag med. De första försöken blev ju rätt så bra...

    edward and lilly: I know. But it was an old t-shirt, didn't matter SO much that I had to trash it.



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