Friday, December 11

Girl on her way

It seems like we are getting a little girl in April. So finally I have a good official reason for making little dresses and other cutesy girly flowery things! Wohohoo!
I love the whole unisex thing with strong colors and prints with, uhm, carrots and other gender neutral things.
But I'm also a big sucker for french kid's clothes - you know, all those a-shaped little cotton dresses with tiny knitted cardigans on top -ooh- and some proper leather shoes for running around. Aah. Love love love it. I'm diving into patterns as I'm still writing.

This is a baby hat that I made from an old sheet a while ago as a test.

I'm so found of it! I think it turned out just lovely - I so much like the combination of brown and pink. It's kind of cute but not too much. A bit retro as well. It's been warming my shelf, waiting for an owner - I'm so glad that I have a good reason now to keep it after all! And it will be fun to have someone who will wear it!

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