Tuesday, January 12

Pimping a stoller

Hi, I'm back from celebrating Christmas holidays and now I'm working like crazy and on top of that very pregnant. So I'm not making a lot these days.

Well, I made something. Saturday I made a new hood for my baby stroller out of this fabric. I secretly loved it for years but didn't find a good use for it until now.

Result was even better than expected: When you look inside, and when it's bright outside, the light shines through the fabric (it's double layered, outside and inside) and the light creates a sort of shade-under-a-tree-effect that I hope the baby will appreciate. At least babies are supposed to like strong contrasts like black and white. That one is covered.
Anarchistic as I am, I also love that it's not a lame baby pastel stroller and that it doesn't reveal the gender of my baby. Which will make someone irritated, for sure.

I wish I could show you the actual hood with the fabric on it, but on Saturday my camera broke. So I can't yet.
I feel so sorry for the camera, computer is still working but the lens can't focus. So It's useless, I have to get rid of it, and it feels like when shooting a horse just because it broke a leg. The poor camera really wants to take photos - it tries so hard to focus and the engine squeaks and screams - but it just can't anymore. I feel so bad discarding it, like I'm some nazi who doesn't tolerate weakness around me.
There is some religion that believes anything has a soul. I recently realized that I have kind of strong tendencies towards that one.

Anyway. So the rest of the stroller will probably be covered in linen. Rain-proof linen, that is. And with some more foxes and berries here and there. I'll keep you informed of the progress. Perhaps next weekend.


  1. I love this fabric, it's perfect. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  2. the baby WILL APPRECIATE not only the fabric, shadowpattern, comfort & style but the effort that went into making it - and s/he will straight away realize s/he is the luckiest bundle of joy in all of europe to have such a cool mum who can also MAKE stuff.



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