Friday, March 5

Bimbo rabbit

This is one of many prototypes for the perfect toy rabbit. She has been hiding in a cardboard box for at least a year, yesterday I found her while cleaning boxes and decided she could come out after all.
This morning she finally got eyes and a nose as well, which made her take the step from unmade prototype to some kind of creature you have to treat with some kind of respect. (I still instinctively tend to think that everything around me has a soul, especially things with eyes.) So now she proudly sits on the toy shelf with the other toys.
This was the original rabbit that we once successfully bought, gave to a kid who loved it, and then got the idea to improve. I think it's too chubby, I have this vision of a rabbit that you sort of drag in any body part. Like Christopher Robin dragging Winnie the pooh down the stairs in one leg, you know.
Sad rabbit was our first prototype. He turned out too sad. Bimbo turned out too slim, and kind of - bimbo.
We have a few more prototypes in the boxes but not the perfect one yet. It's on the to do-list for the rest of our lives, probably.

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