Friday, October 15

Remade babymössa / remade babyhat

This is how to make baby mittens and baby hat from an old sweater. Part 1.

Take a nice soft sweater that you like to destroy. This is 100% cashmere that I got on eBay for like 6 Euro. Try to figure out if the arm will fit your baby's head. This is an XL men's sweater. It seems to fit. Then cut a big enough piece of the arm away.

Try it on to see how long it should be. Also think of how you want the edge to look like.
Turn inside out. Sew around the top edge about 2 cm from the edge. First sew like this, then pull tight so the hole closes, then attach it with a few more stitches until it looks good from the right side. You should not be able to see the raw edge anywhere from the top when you turn it the right way.

Turn the hat to the right side. Fold and sew the lower edge with discrete stitches. Make sure it can still flex so don't make the stitches too tight.
I liked it like this, folded to the outside. But you could also fold the edge to the inside or even just roll it up. (In that case you should make a seam at the very egde, or else the stitches might run.)

Done! Go play!

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