Monday, July 6

A Dream come true

Once in 2002 I didn't buy a dress. Not buying that dress has been haunting me ever since. Ooh, I wanted it badly. But I didn't have that money.

So I've been looking for it on e-bay, even found it once, but it became too expensive.

But since Paris I own a piece of the fabric! Another brand (how does that work, anyway? Do they just license a certain fabric for a few years? And where is this magic fabric warehouse!?) and another color, but it's THE car fabric! MY car fabric!

Now - what do I do with it?

By chance I had bought another piece, same colors and same quality, an hour before i found it.
Perfect match. A little dress perhaps? How's that?


  1. Oh, that car fabric is smashing! Looks like it's covered in wee Beetles (my favourite car), a dress would look great, a simple summer sundress in model perhaps? With matching hat in the otehr fabric? Or little bag? Or a couple of pockets on dress in the other fabric or perhaps a cute apron? Hm, I'm sure you've already your own ideas...:)

    I'd love to see the dress you're still haunted by...?!

  2. I've been lookin all over! Can't find it - but I'd love to show it. Jenny Hellström.

    And my piece is like 50 x 50's, well, limited. But I have other plans....



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