Wednesday, July 8

Auntie Margit's Treasures part 1

Auntie Margit was a hot chick. She never got married, instead lived in an adorable apartment in central Stockholm full with self made oil paintings and tons of party dresses. Oh my god, those dresses. Let's see if I can ever show them. My mother has a bunch of them, 50's dresses of dotted silk and transparent fluffy stuff and whalebone. In-cred-i-ble! I barely fit into some of them.

And this is one of her - neatly folded in their little pouch - handkerchiefs. From the 50's, illustrated by Olle Eksell, showing the life of restaurant Riche in Stockholm.

Seriously - The fish! The lady! The waiter! The menue! Is this the most awesome thing you've seen in a long time - or what?

1 comment:

  1. Yup, have to agree, ab fab! I had an auntie Margit too, not *quite* as chic as yours though. Hope to see some of those dresses, they sound marvellous!



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