Monday, July 20

Momma's Fabrics

So my mother is a hamster. She has kept everything, I mean EVERYTHING, from the 50's an on. Some people would call her a crazy lady, including me sometimes, but nevertheless the has an AMAZING stock of fabrics.

I was there this evening, and as usual I couldn't help starting to dig around in her boxes, making little "ooh":s and "ohmyGOD":s and "Mom, are you gonna use this one or can I have it?":s.

Usually I can't have fabrics, because she has a plan for it already. Plans are usually something like: "Oh, but that was supposed to be covers for pillows if me and your dad had ever bought a motor boat, it would have looked so nice if we'd had a blue boat with a white top!" "Yes, I agree but you divorced in 1996 and it's kind of unfashionable anyway, so please can I have it and make a beach bag?" "Uhm...uh...i"

Say what you want, but she sticks to her plans alright.

So , let me show a small selection from Mamma's green / blue boxes.

One of them ended up in my bag after all. Guess which one?
Clue: My bags are very full already.

1 comment:

  1. Hejsan, tack och bock:)
    Jag är inte helt säker men tror att det trycks upp i höst. Jag har ingen aning om var det trycks, maila och fråga Anna på Mjuka tyger det är hon som sköter det!

    Ha det gott... Och njut av fynden ovan.



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