Monday, July 27

My book

I have a couple of books in my pipeline. Two of them are books for children. Two are the kind of books you would buy at some kind of artsy bookstore - you know, pointless but witty. I once also figured out an entire crime novel. I remember it was quite good but I've forgotten the plot. Anyway, my hope is that I'll get at least one of these books down on paper and out of my system before I get tired of them. So I'm painting...slowly...slowly...and hoping that soon all the pieces will be there, I'll get it finished, I'll get it published (No worries there - it's good, so they'll publish it right away)and before I know it I'll be polishing my August Award. And they all lived happily ever after.

But not today. We're heading off to gaze at the Fortress of Boden. Secret tunnels excite me more than anything else!

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