Saturday, July 25

While the cat was gone...

...the rats made a cozy mohair nest in this baby sweater, knitted by me in like -89.
I probably made it without a pattern, or at least without paying too much attention to it. Therefore it's a lot wider than long and would only have fitted a very squat future daughter of mine.

Note the little home made, cat head shaped buttons. Ouch!

I don't really remember why we were knitting all these baby sweaters at age of 12. Perhaps for the same reason I'm doing the same thing today: It's fast, fun and could come useful some day.
Not this one though. I trashed it without feeling to sad about it.


  1. i like the choice of colour though and i hope you saved those quirky buttons at least!

  2. Thanks! Yes, perhaps I should..! (It's still in the garage in a "to trash"-box)



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