Monday, July 13

Summer as Monika

My "Summer as Monika" - summer has just begun. I plan to from now on wear nothing but great dresses - despite 15 degrees Celsius - and do nothing but running around in the forest like a savage, cuddle cats, eat berries and swim in lakes.

And yes, I know my crafty intended blog is flipping way out now, but still: Look what they did to Monika in the old days.

Here's the original movie poster from Bergmans "Summer with Monika" from 1953. It says it's "a movie about young love", "chocking" and "daring". Monika is an innocent child of nature.

And here's the American interpretation of Monika before launching Bergman's movie over there:

Poor Monika. The devil clearly got her on her way over the sea.

1 comment:

  1. i'm all with you on great dresses, cuddling cats and eating berries! not so much savaging in the woods (would the dresses survive?) and lakes (too deep).

    ah, those americans and the "swedish sin", *tired sigh is heard*



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