Thursday, July 16

Sverker the cat meets Sven the copycat

Sverker: "So this person comes and puts, like, this knitted thing on my sofa, and I'm like Yeah, Whatever!"

"And then she puts it right next to me on the floor where I'm trying to get some sleep, and then she take photos, and I'm like Whatever!"

"And then she's all like `Look kitty, I made another kittycat that looks just like you, look` but I'm like Whatever"

"And then she puts the thingie even closer and tries to make me, i dunno, like, play with it or something, and I'm like Yeah, Whatever!"

"Cause this is my united house of Whatever
and when they bring stupid stuff to me I'm, like, Whatever"

Cat pattern from Alan Dart


  1. Supercute! Still trying to decide if the original Sverker or the Sven copy is the cutest, pretty even...

  2. They look so great when they are sleeping together like that!



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