Tuesday, August 18

The cradle of a fashionista

In a box at my dad's place, I found some of my first trembling attempts to create fashion. What else could I have done but dress up dear old Denise again, just like in 1988?!

We start off with a romantic denim skirt which goes really well with a bold, two color sweatshirt top. As cherry on top, a flashdance bandana.

Here we see a variation of the denim skirt. Matched with a leopard top and a summery sonnenschierm, Denise is ready for a trip to the city as well as for a summer picnic on the fields.

If the weather is unsteady, why not dress for the cold but leave a brave open chest as a surprise? Tailored jacket and ear muffs with hearts.

Finally - an Indian flirt for an Indian summer. Beads and embroideries makes this felt top something very, very special. Matched with a knee long starry skirt in the same material, Denise looks like the European dream of the American girl.


  1. Lovely Denise! Mycket 80-talsstilsäkert, och edgy, framför allt nip(chest)-slip-combon i cerise. Med öronmuffar! Finns fler outfits i garderoben? (Men är det säkert att huvudbonaden på första bilden är ett flashdance-pannband? Jag tycker det liknar litet den kungliga krans som kronprinsessan brukar bära på födelsedagarna på Solliden.)

  2. Thanks!
    Mi - det finns fler outfits, var så säker! Och du har rätt i att det ser ut som folkloreband, haha. Tror mest jag tyckte det var "coolt" utan speciall förebild.



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