Wednesday, August 19

More from the cradle of a fashion maker

More fashion for 30 cm tall people:

I can't believe I've made this jacket? I probably got if from someone. The skirt is very home made. Denise looks stunning in a springlike city symphony of pink and red, of course with matching lipstick.
Update: Ooh, and she's holding a wallet full of bills. Go spend it, girl!

A wonderful chiffon tube dress with a matching chiffon hat is flattering for anyone and suitable for a day at the horse races.

For the summer weddings: A pea green velour dress, with a crochet oversize vest thrown on top for those cold summer nights. A marvellous beaded headpiece makes you queen of the party.

Gloria doesn't have a body anymore, but as long as you have your good spirits there is no reason not to be fashionable. A wonderful princess crown, made of lace and pearls, makes even a single head stunning. To avoid the too-cuteness, a bold hairstyle with strikes of color in it will make you princess of punk rock.

Poor Anne has had a hard time (No hair, hands or feet anymore) and is spending her days in a very good hospital for dolls with mental instabilities. A comfortable, soft sweatshirt combination in ice cream pastels is perfect for enjoying a quiet moment in the sun.


  1. Apropå bodyless Gloria: Om Courtney Love varit gladare och aldrig börjat knarka kanske hon varit sådär fresh!
    Ärtgröna Gloria får en för för allra första gången i sitt liv att önska att jag var kortare än jag är. Ca 127 cm kortare.

  2. oh those were the days, when your demands on the outfits were less than... today. i too have very similar outfits in a bag with dolls - no barbies just sindy-ies for me - and clothes, i remember being very proud of my achievements.

    both gloria and anne are such inspirations for days of less than uplifting stuff happening, i'm really not sure i would be able to keep the spirit under such circumstances. way to go, you two!



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