Tuesday, October 13

Coloring with Tea

I made a little body from the lovely giraffe fabric and I wanted it to have a matching edge. But I only had bright white jersey bias tape. What to do?

Make a cup of strong tea. This is Assam from Harrods, didn't like it very much. Put tape in tea. Wait. Rinse. Dry.

Sew. Ta daa!
I really like the color! And I'm quite excited to see how well it lasts when I wash the body. I'm not very worried, I can't imagine it will ever go back to ultra white again.


  1. Cool! Perhaps I should try that. I needed beige interlock to a top the other day!

  2. Hej! Jag har också provat att färga med te, men inte lyckats få det tvättäkta. Har det något att göra med tejpen? Eller varför lägger du i den? *nyfiken*

  3. i used to colour clothes in tea, to make them a bit antique in looks or just hide miscolouring. unfortunately i wasn't very careful when i soaked them since some blouses turned out all nasty yellowish under arms and trousers dito in crouch... but when you get it right it's a really nice way of colouring (even if it fades with time/wash).

    (and i'm all with you on not liking the harrod's teas.)

  4. Mia: Jag vet inte om det blev så tvättäkta heller, det återstår att se.:) Jag tänkte att kritvitt kan det väl ändå aldrig bli igen?

    Pia K: It turned ugly with the next experiment, I'll show you soon..!



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