Tuesday, October 13

Presents for girls

A friend of mine just had a little girl and I really wanted to send a welcome present. So in front of Lost one evening I began crocheting a ball, which turned into a handle, and so on and soon I'd made a rabbit rattle. Which turned out so nicely that I immediately made another one, carefully writing down how I did it. So that I could post it as a tutorial, I thought. Then I lost my post-it with the notes. So whenever I find it, or when I make a third rabbit rattle, I will post it. If you are interested?

Also made baby a romper and a hat. This pattern is from Ottobre magazine, and I heard rumors that they are kind of big in size. Let's see whats fits and what doesn't.

And finally *ahem* it seems like I will need a romper like that myself - well, not for me*, but for someone who will show up in april or so - so I made another one while I was at it.

*I would LOVE to have one for myself


  1. the rattles are adorable, yes i look forward to a tutorial. the rompers are cute too - and why not make one for yourself to lounge aprund in indoors. as far as i'm concerned one never gets too big for a romper, or something like that.

  2. I would LOVE to have the pattern fo rthose rattles!!!! My nephew is due in a month and i think they are just the cutest little things!
    Did you ever happen to find your notes.



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