Monday, December 7

Raw dessert

For some reasons my work has lead me into Raw food lately. It's quite interesting. It means basically that the food is still "alive" - uncooked - and important enzymes are by that preserved, and if you eat like that you eventually feel better. Argument: "Humans are the only animals that cook their food." - Well, that seems to make some sense. Or who knows. Anyway, I made an attempt to make a raw dessert tonight.

1. Mix a handful of nuts and raisins with a bit of water into a paste. Arrange as a cake on a plate. I added cacao to see if it would turn chocolate, which it kind of not really did, but it was still good.

2. Soak a handful of figs for a few hours in water.

3. Mix figs with a bit of lemon juice to a creamy paste. If you have no patience, like me, you don't have time to soak figs so as an emergency solution you can add a piece of banana to get a creamy consistency.

4. Put the fig icing on cake. Top with something fresh and fruity - raspberries were just perfect - and perhaps something cute like almond flakes.

My boyfriend thought it tasted "healthy". I thought it was really good. I made another portion for myself.


  1. I've done some experimenting with raw food as well. My favourite is a tropical fruit tart that uses dates, walnuts and coconut as a base and a mango puree as the main ingredient (fresh mango in a blender, then add some dried mango that has been soaked. If there is a raw food club in your area, raw food potlucks can be very inspiring.
    Lovely post!

  2. Sounds very good. I'll do more of these experiemtns for sure!



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