Sunday, December 6

Truffle sunday

Today me and Bebé Dragon are making truffles as a housewarming present for a couple we're visiting this afternoon. A bit of licorice powder enhances the chocolate in a very nice way. And there will be plenty left for me.
Since I just learnt how to make origami boxes, we made a box as well. So much fun! Little effort, great result.

As you can see, Bebé is thrilled about the absolutely adorable whisks we won in the lottery at the talented Pia's blog a while ago. Thank you a million Pia, they are just great! (I might turn them into jewelry once Bebé isn't looking.)


  1. That looks yummy! Cute dragon assistant you have there.

  2. Åh, give me give me!

  3. i just love that last photo! i am so pleased that you both like the whisks! the truffles look wonderful and ah, i spot a fine 'berså' plate there...:)



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