Monday, March 1


After Christmas I wrote a proud post about my attempts to pimp my new stroller with a personally sewn cover. Do you remember? Anyhow.
I showed you this fabric then, one of my favorite fabrics with foxes and berries. Expensive, but nice. Waxed, water proof, very cool looking.

So since that post I've been struggling with making my own pattern for the stroller, using old sheets. I've been sewing and pinning and figuring out. Then cutting the fabric, sewing and measuring and trying on.
And now, finally the cover I made from scratch with so much love is nearly done. A lot of work, but it's personal. It's gonna look SO great. Totally worth the effort. One of a kind.

So what do you do after all that hard work? You decide that you deserve a break. You make yourself some good tea, you sit down in the sofa and you decide to watch an episode of a Swedish sitcom. It's a quite funny sitcom about 30-something couples living in a semi posh Stockholmian suburb. You giggle at their attempts to reach status and impress the neighbors with expensive stuff and by doing everything right. It's SO TYPICAL. They are such STEREOTYPES of THOSE kind of PEOPLE.

And then, suddenly:

How ironic is that?


  1. A) the same idea travels in universe and leave trails here and there, ends up in similary creative heads.

    B) someone read you entry and decided it would be a cool feature in said series.

    C) maybe it's a sign. of the very ironic kind. obviously.

  2. I think A and being a child of your time and context is to blame. Very annoying but happens all the time.

  3. gud så vansinnigt roligt och lika vansinnigt irriterande! men inga tyskar som ser serien :-) För övrigt såg jag samma marimekkotyg som ni har på vänners vägg precis dagen efter jag beställt hem det från nätet. Sen efter ytterligare några dagar såg jag det hos grannen. Folk har helt enkelt god smak



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