Tuesday, March 2

Simple dresses

I've done a massive amount of baby stuff. Massive. And It's mostly things like practical, retro-ish, unisex jersey rompers in colors like brown. Which I do like.

But the other day I just felt this URGE for making something very girly, cute, non practical, adorable... I mean, if I'm having a girl and I DON'T take the opportunity to dress her up like a little parisienne once in a while, you know with flowery cotton and crochet and little leather shoes - just how stupid exactly would I be?

So I got up early one morning and made some dresses. These are not exactly french, but still. The flowery fabric is from "Mom's big black bags of good to have-pieces of old fabric", in which I dive every time I go visit her. The bear fabric is my absolute fave, from retrodepot. I love, love, love, the silly looking faces of the bears.

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