Friday, March 26

Waiting room

Sitting at home, waiting for the baby to make up her mind on when she's going to come out. Fine with me. I'm not in a hurry. Weather is fantastic and I have plenty to do.

I'm sewing some final items -  meaning the final things that we think she might need. An overall suit, a hat to match, the new bugaboo cover (yes, still), a little crochet cardigan (which is turning out very hippie stylish), a nursing bag to match the stroller. 

And them lets see what else she'll turn out needing once she's here and can give us some feedback.

My gut feeling tells me she'll turn out to have a big, big need for wonderful little French outfits. I have some very cute fabrics that scream "Pleeease, please make me into a tiny little wonderful super impractical dress!" everytime I look at them. And I can't bear things that scream. I just want everybody to be happy..!

I can't show any of the stuff I made since my boyfriend has our only camera, so I'll just share some of my french dreams with you.

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