Thursday, March 18

Well spent money

I had so much trouble recently with for example German paperwork, Swedish paperwork, misunderstanding midwifes and full hospitals. 

So today I got a crazily expensive, extremely nice, high quality, made in Germany, Easter bunny from my boyfriend as kind of a a compensating present. 

(And also because we both are five years old at heart and none of us
could resist that little face looking at us from the shelf.)

Look at those details: the ear! the folded paws! Much happier now.

And PS: baby can just dram about borrowing it. Mine!

1 comment:

  1. oh oh oh, i'm so envious! it's so very sweet and isn't it amazing how real those creators can make them look?! i remember i went *slightly* crazy when i was in germany early 90ies and bought a lot of well made stuffed toys... and i've managed to hold on to most of them still. the life size orangutang is the most memorable i think...:)

    wee rabbit is a great gift!



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